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Al-Johara is honoured to be working with inspirational women from Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and Canada

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We are most honoured to have our Patron HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal supporting the Al Johara initiative. Her remarkable photography enables us to creatively showcase globally the life of Saudi communities.

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Our Esteemed Patron


HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal

Grand daughter of the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Princess Reem Al Faisal is a well-known photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout the world. Al Faisal graduated from Manarat High School in Jeddah and studied Arabic Literature at the King Abdul Aziz University. Wanting to study photography, she moved to Paris where she attended the Speos School. She began traveling and taking photographs; her collection reflects her travels to China, Egypt, Florence, Istanbul, Jeddah, Japan, Medina, Syria, and Venice. The subjects of her photographs include Muslims in America, the Nation of Islam, and landscapes. Al Faisal is well-known for her wide black-and- white photographs. Her most recent project documented the experience of Hajj and required several years to complete. She is one of the few women to have photographed Hajj extensively.


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